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What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Virtual Reality is a realistic and immersive simulation of a 3D environment, created using interactive software and hardware to generate the realistic images, sounds and other sensations that simulate a user’s physical presence in this environment.

How can Virtual Reality be used for training and learning?


Learn from mistakes, practice and perfect skills

In a VR simulation learners have the power to fail, try out new solutions in a risk free setting, and see where their choices lead them. They can test how they'll react in stressful situations, identify performance gaps and prepare for different situations.

Experience the impossible

Imagine being able to become something else, such as a blood cell that can travel through the body, or travel in space and time, or experience the world through the eyes of another. VR gives you the opportunity to experience life from a completely new perspective in order to gain a new understanding.

Fire Safety VR training

Reduce risk

Learners can train in dangerous situations without putting themselves in harm's way, such as dealing with an office fire, handling hazardous chemicals or operating dangerous machinery.

Form better memories

Virtual reality has the potential to create training that increases retention. By immersing a learner in a virtual scenario, allowing them to visualise, manipulate, and interact with the environment, researchers have found that the ability to retain and recall memories later on improves drastically.

Wind Turbine VR training

Transport learners to another location

Virtual Reality environments can be based on any location, real or imagined…


Improve Safety

Learners can make mistakes and understand consequences of failing to follow process.

They can also learn the correct procedures

through trial and error.

What types of VR headsets are available?

Oculus Quest.png

Oculus Quest

A high-performance all-in-one virtual-reality headset complete with hand controllers for a more interactive and immersive  learning and user experience.

Our recommended headset.


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