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ELS is pioneering the use of XR within the world’s major corporations.

The company provides a sophisticated cloud-based management and data platform and a growing library of eXtended Reality (XR) courses and components to train and educate the staff of some of the world’s largest organisations using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

We work directly with large organisations and provide partnership plans with training, education and accreditation providers.

VR and AR are a game changers. There are a number of reasons why organisations are adopting virtual and augmented reality as a core part of their training and development delivery, including that it is:

  • a transformative technology

  • capable of simulating difficult contexts to be replicated, e.g. fire and safety training, presentations

  • fully customisable

  • immersive

  • replicable

  • measurable in a way that no other training can offer

  • very cost effective, typically 10x cheaper than other methods

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