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Using Virtual Reality to improve soft skills, like public speaking, works!

It’s not often that I bring something home from the office that allows my daughter to conquer her fears.  Working for an L&D technology supplier, you might think that I’d bring things home more and my children would have rather more extensive knowledge on a range of topics usually only available to a person once they have been in the workforce for a few years - but you’d be wrong.

I’ve been with eLearning Studios from the beginning, and have been very proud to sell our high quality solutions to a variety of industries over the years, but those solutions haven’t historically been anything my couple of teens would put down their gadgets to check out.


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Store Bought Assets Vs making everything in house. The Creative Debate

With the rise of free game engines, such as Unity3D and Unreal 4, community asset stores have grown in size. This is a good thing and a bad thing for quite a few reasons, and I’m going to take some time and really try and explain both sides to this argument, but I am only going to focus on 2D and 3D art, as the scripts and audio bundles both have their own pros and cons.

We at eLearning Studios like to take pride in how we create a well-crafted 3D experience, and we believe that can only be achieved through hard work, a strong creative vison, and a clear end goal. We find it difficult to accept that there are off the shelf products that can be just dropped into a unity scene, which will offer the same level of value at a better price and in less time, and work the way we want them to.


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It happens more frequently than you might imagine.  We get a call, or are in a meeting with a new client, and we ask them what sort of learning technology solution they are looking for, and they don’t know.  Now there are a lot of different factors that contribute to the confusion of those first entering upon a learning technology solution: vendor’s buzzwords, lack of exposure, speedy technology discoveries and adoptions, but whatever the case is, we are always quick to respond with a few short explanations about the advantages each of our services offer our clients and their learners:

eLearning: Sometimes called ‘online learning’, can consist of a course that is downloaded, or hosted on the internet or learner management system (LMS)
     Strengths: Cost-effective, distance learning
     When to use: Great for on-boarding and compliance learning, or anytime when training is needed but distance isn't 

Virtual Reality Learning Simulations: Using virtual reality hardware, a 3D simulation is created around a learning objective. Often times re-used for different objectives.
     Strengths: Immersive sense of presence
     When to use: When the learner would ideally be present in the learning environment, or with the equipment, but is unable to due to distance, danger, expense, or limited availability of training materials (expensive, fragile equipment)


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Recent research from the equality and human rights commission (EHRC) shows that some pregnant women experience workplace discrimination while on maternity leave - often in the form of too little contact with their employers - leaving the women feeling isolated and out-of-touch with the workplace they are re-entering.

There are KIT (keeping in touch) days that can be arranged, but often those can become a burden for the employer and the employee on maternity leave to arrange and to ensure they are thorough. This is where a form of learning technology can shine in an unexpected way. 

Social learning networks are nothing new - but the implementation within corporate still has some sophisticating to do.  The social platforms are known to increase productivity, enhance knowledge management, improve HR management, and reduce costs, but what is so shockingly often left out of the list is how it can enrich communication.

Photo shared by on in e-Learning Studios


Wayne (our 3D graphic artist) on how he creates a player model:

We are currently working on a project with the AAL and some of our European partners to create some serious games for mobile devices that will help reduce stress in the workplace for a project called StayActive. There is much more to the project than the games (like wearable tech!) but we are responsible for the games portion of the project. The game we are currently working on we have dubbed “Soar” (name still in the works) - in which the player is a bird. This blog is a small peek behind the scenes of what is involved to create the bird player model in a game.

This little bird is what will represent the player within the Soar game - and these are the steps Wayne took to create it: