Blended Learning
  Blended Learning:  A bespoke combination of a range of possibilities created by combining technologies and pedagogies through internet and digital media with face-to-face training to create the best solution for the learners.    Blended Learning is typically a face-to-face training course that also incorporates any number of eLearning solutions (an authored course, a Virtual Reality Learning Simulation, a serious game, etc.) But it can take many different forms, with multiple models of implementation available.  The different combinations o...
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At eLearning Studios we support you through creating engaging and informative courses for you or supplying the tools and knowledge required to create your own e-learning.



e-Learning Studios "#BlendedLearning has been around since the cavemen - even they used to draw on cave walls as well as grunt and point!”
Friday, 27 March 2015 09:03